Sliding Doors

Slide and Swing Door Design


  • Aluminium Sliding Door With Acrylic Panel
  • Aluuminum Sliding Door With Design Panel
  • Aluminium Sliding Door With Glass Panel
  • Tempered Glass Sliding Door (Frame-less)
  • Wooden Sliding Door


  • Aluminium Sliding Door With Acrylic Panel cheapest and most popular
  • Acrylic panels over 20 different colours
  • Sliding door panel design
  • Installed in both kitchen and bathroom
  • Scratch resistance, water resistant, heat resistant, termite resistant

Colours / Design

  • Aluminium Sliding Door made of aluminium frame - different colours


  • Sliding door mechanism
  • Top and bottom track sliding door mechanism
  • Top hung sliding door mechanism

Number of sliding panels

  • Number of sliding door panels / Multiple panel sliding door (2 track, 3 track sliding mechanism)
  • One direction, both inwards, one Fixed both in one direction towards Fixed, both ends Fixed both in directions towards Fixed


  • Standard 2.1m, exceed would need top fix panel otherwise too heavy for roller and roller will not last

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