Timber Doors

Classic Door

  • Made from chipboard, known as low-density fibreboard (LDF) or particleboard. (Engineered wood)
  • Classic Door is hollow and painted in different colours.
  • Classic door is budget friendly but inferior in term of durabiity and sound insulation
  • Available in hollow core or solid core. "Solid core" is made fully from chipboard.

Nyatoh Timber Door

  • Solid Nyatoh Door is durable and provides good sound isolation.
  • Solid door is made up of solid piece of wood joint together, is best among all but heaviest.
  • The downside its designs are moulded in.

Nyatoh Plwood Door

  • Made from a thin layer of Nyatoh wood glued on plywood.
  • Signficantly cheaper than a Nyatoh Timber Door.
  • Available in hollow, semi-solid and solid core.

Melamine Door Design

Veneer Door Design

Laminate Design

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